Who we are

We are a forward-looking social business network established for the singular purpose of connecting individuals and SMEs across different value-chains in a manner that creates value, promotes personal wealth and encourages entrepreneurial development of members registered under our Cooperative Society.

Our Story

Aquaries Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society was duly registered 28 December 2018 with Registration No. AB16336 in accordance with Section 5(1) of the Nigerian Co-operative Societies Act 2004. We commenced full business operations in March 2019 with a membership base of 30 members and have since then witnessed a geometrical progression in membership growth. Our philosophy is simple; we are a platform for improving lives via exploitation of business opportunities in a collective manner that drives socio-economic empowerment of our members.
We also pride ourselves as a vehicle that provides access to finance, promote savings and wealth, cater for basic education, welfare and healthcare needs of our members. All this we do because we believe strongly in the awesome power and possibilities of working together, collaborating, and building value.

Our Vision

‘to be the leading Cooperative society in Nigeria. We are in the business of creating Impact and using forward-looking business networks and digital tools to empower our members with best-in-class products and services’

Our Mission

‘to be the reference point for value creation, promotion of personal wealth, collective entrepreneurial growth and development of cooperative members in the next 5 years’

Our Core values

- Member empowerment (social & financial), - Trust, - Respect, - Integrity, - Professionalism, - Team spirit, and - Continuous Learning

Our Objectives

To promote social business networking channels, opportunities and access to finance for our members.

To provide specialized business training and entrepreneurial coaching for members especially for women and youths.

To meet basic social needs of our members and community at large (welfare, healthcare, education, etc).

To be an ethical leader and society of responsible professionals and business people.

To promote among members the spirit of entrepreneurship, mutual help and self-help based on cooperative principles.

To inspire members through cooperation.

our Principal Officers

Chukwuma Kalu

The President

Ikechukwu Kalu

The General Secretary

Nnenna Ohafia

The Treasurer

Miriam Igwebike

The Financial Secretary