The Opportunity

It is no news that the Federal government via the Central Bank of Nigeria have in the last couple of years established various fund intervention programmes to drive commercial farming and agro-processing initiatives to not only strengthen their agricultural raw materials supply chains but also use same as a strategy to hedge against currency/price foreign exchange fluctuations – that comes affiliated with the practice of importing raw materials from foreign markets.

Our Approach

Our business approach is to basically be the building of necessary linkages in existing agribusiness value-chains starting from clustering/building of producers/farmers groups to engaging of these groups in farming/primary production, then to aggregation of produce harvested by these farmer groups up till eventual sales of produce to Large off-takers or Agro-processors i.e. Owners of Rice milling or Cassava Chips processing plants.

Our Solutions

Once we are able to build the required linkages and capacity in the primary production value-chain, we would then move to the businesses of agro processing, warehousing, logistics et al. We as a cooperative society have already taken first steps by registering with the Abia State Agricultural Development Programme (ADP) and participating in the State agricultural intervention schemes. We intend registering in many other states ADP in the coming years.

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